What is Buddhism?

Buddhism(“Bulkyo” in Korean) is not seperate from our daily life. The first syllable, “Bul” means the everlasting “kyo” refers to valuable words of truth about itself. The life and activity of all things in Buddhism teaches us the truth that all things share the same mind, the same life, the same body, work together as one and share as one. While showing us this, Buddism encourages us to discover for ourselves who we are and what life is.

What is true self?

Because it is covered with soil, the root of a tree is not seen. However, Nobody doubts that the tree has a root or that the root is the source of the tree’s life. We human beings also have a root, although it is not visible. This root is completely empty, with nothing to grasp, but it is the source of everything. So, you should know that we also live by relying upon our root. Our root is Buddha-nature, which is also our true self.

When we are told to believe in ourselves, many of us usually consider our physical bodies to be what we really are. However, our flesh is not eternal. We change it like we change clothes. When the body becomes worn out, and is ready to be thrown away, who is the one in charge of taking off the old clothes and putting on the new ones? It is your true self.

The true self, the Buddha- Nature, is your foundation, eternal life, and the foundation that embraces the entire universe. It is light and boundless energy. It possesses all abilities and wisdom. Such a treasure is within you and within every being. So, every life is Buddha. If we awaken to the Buddha nature that is within us, then all beings are Buddha, as they are. The Buddha came to teach people to free themselves by relying upon their own inherent Buddha-nature.


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