First Step Reading

by on August 3, 2017

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol that our lives had become unmanageable.

Without the first step, there is no chance of recovery.

It has been demonstrated over and over again that person becomes sober and stays sober only when they are doing so for themselves and themselves alone. They may become sober temporarily for sake of some person, fear of some sort, because of their job, but unless they are sincerely genuinely determined to sober up for themselves and themselves, their days of sobriety are numbered.

It is a difficult step to take. It is a step in which no assistance from an outside source is possible. The prospect must make it alone. It is not easy to admit defeat. For years we have said “I can stop drinking anytime I want to”

So we finally came to a fork in the road. We either honestly admitted that we had a problem or we continued sinking deeper and deeper into the bog of alcoholism resulting in loss of mind or death, Until the admission is made, to ourselves, that our alcoholic problem has gone out of control, we have no inspiration to stop drinking. But, once that admission had been made, the way is clear.

It is at this point that alcoholics anonymous can step in and lend a helping hand in the remainder of the program.


God’s Plan

by on November 5, 2015



The Answer…

September 15, 2015

The Answer… My abusive excess created this stress It allowed me to stay in one constant mess. That was my thinking, the cause of my drinking, I just couldn’t explain the way that I act, And my obvious, and terrible, complete lack of tact. “I am an alcoholic!” Do you suppose? I’d rather die, than […]

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Prayer with Open Hands

April 12, 2013

Prayer with Open Hands by Jim Manney “Prayer is to be in God’s presence with open hands and an open heart. There are many things in my life to which I cling as with a clinched fist – my possessions for sure but the immaterial things as well­­–the work I do, the position I hold, […]

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January 16, 2013
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August 27, 2012

We need not only to believe in God, but act like we do. Developing a healthy prayer life takes time. GARDENING GOD’S WAY Plant three rows of peas: Peace of Mind Peace of Heart Peace of Soul Plant four rows of squash: Squash Gossip Squash Indifference Squash Grumbling Squash Selfishness Plant four rows of lettuce: […]

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Bible study 7/22/12

July 23, 2012

Jeremiah 23 1-6 encourage us to see Gods will Willingness Open mindedness Honesty = Humility (What we need to live in the new life and get rid of the evil) New Self = kind caring self less Open Minded  Honest ( Allowing people who are different in our circle) = Self Will run right the […]

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This weeks Bible Study 7-15-12

July 16, 2012

This week we started with Amos and the Old Plumb Line   I am the Lord thy God, … Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Remember the sabbath day, to keep […]

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