Last week bible study 7-8-12

by on July 16, 2012

We had learned about how Ezekiel was told to let his light shine.

he was told dude on your feet I am sending you into the Israelite. Not a good deal for him There is a great book Called the Fifth Mountain which talks about his plight.

It is all about knowing that the only good prayer is asking for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry it out.( AA Big Book)

We all strive for





and we are all asked to let our light shine

than we talked about Mark e6 1-13


Where Jesus was told he could not be who he said because they knew his old ways. This is where Jesus is truly like each one of us who have made a mistake. So easy to learn from someone who has gone through just what we have. He had an old self a carpenter now it was not nearly as bad as any of our old self. All he did wrong was be a normal kid. Which his new followers that new him from then that recognized him from when he was a kid said this can not be he is just a kid who has a carpenter as a Dad. ( For us it is more like remember how he used to be he cant possibly be successful.) This is where Gods grace kicks in over drive.

He also gives his disciples clear instructions that in today’s terms seem kind of funny. he says travel light take nothing except a big stick (OK walking staff.) No bread no bags and no money. ask people to let you stay there and if they do not accept you kick the dust off your feet when you leave as a testimony against them.

Then Lastly we talked about 2nd Corinthians again.This time about Pauls vision of His Thorn.

The story reveals that are greatest strengths come from our greatest weakness. (Wounded Healer)


This is what turns our Scars to Stars!!!!




Where we hurt the most is the greatest point of capacity for Gods Help!

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